Faeries of the Elements

Following is a list of faeries belonging to the different elements of earth, air, water and fire.  For more information with working with faeries, see our article on Fairy Magic.

Faeries of the Earth Element

earth faeries

Gnomes: The most popular of all the Earth Faeries. A simple call to them to the North will bring them to your rite. The Gnomes, in ceremonial magick, are the Elemental Spirits of the Element Earth and North. They are helpful to invoke for healing spells and rites, Call them to protect your magick circle.

Bean-Tighes: These are very friendly Celtic Faeries. Call to them and invite them into your home. They will protect your home and your children. They are also helpful in fertility spells.

Bwbachs: Evoke them into your house for protection spells. Offer them some food and milk for their help.

Elves: They are helpful in raising energy for spells of any kind.

Gianes: Call to them in the woods. They will help you will your divination practices.

Hyldermoder: She will help you will fertility, prosperity, and inspiration spells. Invoke her as you would a deity.

Korreds: Call to them in stony areas. They will help you in protection spells.

Leprechauns: These Celtic Faeries will bring prosperity your way. Let them come to you. Don’t try to contact them.

Masseriols: Invite them into your magick circle. They will help you with your ritual garden.

The Moerae: Invoke them as you would a deity. They will help with love spells.

Thussers: Call and invoke them into your circle on Full Moons. They will join in on the Esbat Celebration.

Twlwwyth Tegs: Evoke them into your circle and give them some food and water. They will help with weatherworking spells.

Wichtln: Invoke them into your home. They will protect it.


Faeries of the Air Element

air faeries

Sylphs: The Sylphs are the most popular of all the Air Faeries. In ceremonial magick they are called to the corner of the East as the Elemental Spirit of Air. They are invoked to protect your magick circle.

Chi Spirits: In any rite, call to them and invite them into your home. They will aid in protection spells and as the same time protect your home.

Dryads: They will help with communication with the Goddess, God, Mighty Ones, and other Faeries. Invoke them into your circle. Even if they don’t show up, their energies will help with magick.

Fays: A simple invocation will bring them to your magick circle. They will help you with raising energy for spells.

Lesidhe: In a circle, call to them. They will help with rituals dealing with the protection of the environment.


Faeries of the Fire Element

fire faerie

Salamanders: These are the most popular Fire faeries. They are the elemental spirits of the South and of Fire. As usual they are invoked to protect your magick circle. Invoke them also for magick of any kind, especially pertaining to the element Fire and healing.

Brown Men: Call to them and bring an injured animal to them. They will heal and protect them.

Dinnshenchas: Invoke them into you Magick Circle for spell for the protection of women.

Drakes: Invite them into your home. They will probably come if you give them food and a very warmth. They will help with heal spells and spells in you fire place.

Saleerandees: Light a red candle and hold it to you heart. Call to them and if they come to you they can be swayed to provide their magick for fire spells.


Faeries of the Water Element

water faeries

Undines: These are the most popular of all the water Faeries. They can be invoked as the Spirits of the West and of Water. They will help with rites, rituals, and spells dealing around the Element Water.

The Mer People: They will only approach and respond to evocation from people born under the Element Water. They thrive in Faery Land, but in this realm they are very scarce. They can be call to this realm though. They have been also known as “Mal de Mer”. This is the Cornish name for them. They were said to responsible for sea ships crashing into rocks, be that is not true. They are very aggressive, but if you treat the sea with respect and love they will become your friend and a very powerful magickal ally.

Caolleac Bhuer: Evoke them in the waning phase of the moon. They are extremely powerful and friendly. They will help with any magick.

Lady of the Lake: Each lake has one. She communicates telepathically. At a lake invoke them the same way would a Goddess. She will help you will any question dealing with your spiritual quest.

Well Spirits: Evoke them from a well. They will protect children and will offer Magickal aide to no one else.

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