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Artwork by Angela DiGiovanni
Artwork by Angela DiGiovanni

DISCLAIMER: Please note that his healing spell must not be substituted for any conventional medical care.  Do attend a doctor if your child or other loved one displays compromised health.  This healing spell can be performed in conjunction with other healthcare, to facilitate an effective and balanced return to health.

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I was recently contacted by a woman with a sickly one-month-old baby.  She was wondering if there was a protection spell she could cast for her child.  I wrote up a healing meditation which I am sharing with you here.

This healing spell is written for a baby, but note that it can be performed on anything or anyone – even yourself (using a mirror) or any animal, plant, or situation.

Let’s begin…

Sit with your baby and relax into a meditative state. Let your thoughts flow and focus on your breath, go into ‘neutral mode’. Let the Universe be as it is.

After a little while, invite your spirit guides and guardian angels to join you. Also invite the spirit guides and guardian angels of your child.

Now speak to them. Express to them your warmest thanks for sending this beautiful baby to you. Talk about your gratitude and your love, in your own words, for as long as you like. Any emotions that come up, just let them flow right through you.

Try to stay in a loving and peaceful state of mind, without focusing on the fear for your baby’s health. You want to remain in high, loving, positive energy in order to create the best results.

Then ask the spirits to protect your baby. Ask them to help keep him/her healthy and strong. Spend some time visualising him/her getting older, being healthy and happy. Imagine him/her at 2, at 5, at 10. See it happening, know that future is coming.

heart energyNow place all your attention on your heart chakra. This is the center of your being and the seat of healing love, which can be directed anywhere with your intention. Breathe into your heart space and feel a warm glowing light, growing stronger for every breath. Focus on love and joy, which will increase it even further.

Now you have a strong healing light inside you, to direct to your baby. Visualise around him/her a white shield of light, like a protective cocoon. Now imagine filling this cocoon with your healing light. Keep breathing to increase the energy, while looking at your baby and in your mind’s eye seeing this cocooon growing bright and strong.

You are now creating a protective shield around your child. You can also focus on his/her physical and energetic bodies, and send your healing light to facilitate a healthy, unhindered flow of energy and, as a result, perfect physical health.

When you feel intuitively done, close up the cocoon around your child, and thank the spirits for their help and send them on their way. Afterwards, you can spend a few minutes every day strengthening this shield, by sending some heart energy to your baby and visualise the cocoon being strong and healing.

Additional advice…

As an aside, I would strongly recommend that you and your baby spend as much time as possible in nature – if you live in a city then take her to the park to be near trees and grass, go for a daytrip to a forest, play with your baby in a lake or river, feeling the healthy flow of natural waters – being close to nature is incredibly healing and very important especially for young children.

Finally, if you can get hold of a piece of amethyst, place it somewhere near your baby’s bed (obviously out of his/her reach). Amethyst is a master healing crystal which works to transmute negative energies into positive ones.

You can also burn a ritually charged Healing candle to infuse the area around you with healing energies.

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