True Love Spell for Singles

Wicca love spell for singlesThis is a white magick true love spell for any single person who wants to meet the love of their life and overcome loneliness. This spell should preferably be carried out in the week after the new moon.

White magick love spell ingredients:

Wiccan True Love Spell for Singles

Cast your circle. Arrange the three yellow candles so that they form a triangle in front of you, and place the white candle in the middle. Spread the rose petals around you.

Recite the following love spell incantation:

“I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love,
I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love, so I can find my soulmate,
I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love, so I can overcome my loneliness,
Such is my will”

Drink the glass of mint tea, then extinguish the candles one by one, starting with the white candle.

Collect the rose petals, let them dry for one week in between two sheets of aluminium foil, and then scatter them in a river or stream.

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  1. Protection spells deal directly with Force and Power Spells.
    These spells create a shield around you which prohibits evil magics from harming you (or whoever you cast the spell on).
    When these spells are cast incorrectly nothing happens.

  2. As a beginner, who has not tried any spells, can you give me some advice? What should I expect, what spells are best to begin with, what book has the best spells that actually work? I’m ready to experience all I can, please help:)??

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