Magical Cleansing & Protecting Pouch

magical pouchThis is a wonderful little spell in a bag, that you can carry around with you, and use whenever you feel like you need to cleanse the energy of others away from you. It’s ideal for when you are out and about.

This spell pouch can also be used to banish nightmares, by placing it underneath your pillow at night whilst you sleep, and would be equally beneficial if you were to keep it in your car, so that it banishes and cleanses any negative energy around you.

You Will Need:


Instructions to make the magical pouch

Cast your circle and meditate, to get yourself into a relaxed and clear state of mind. Anoint your candle with the sage oil, add some of the dried sage and thyme leaves if desired.

Light the candle and visualise yourself feeling cleansed, pure, and protected. As the candle is burning allow the smoke to pass over the pouch and all of the contents, whilst chanting the following three times.

Cleanse my soul, I ask of thee,
Cleanse my soul of all negativity,
Energy, and wishes, thoughts and deeds.
Cleanse them all,
So mote it be.

And as you cleanse, protect my soul too,
Through day and night, and the morning dew,
Protect from harm and negativity,
Cleanse it now, and leave only purity,
It is done.

When you have chanted three times, and you have passed all contents through the smoke, blow out the candle and place the contents of the bag in the pouch, securing with the ribbon.

Repeat this every day until the candle has burned down to enhance the power.  Bury the candles wax in some soil when it has burned down.

Keep your magical cleansing pouch with you at all times, and repeat the process whenever you feel that it needs a boost.

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