Mirror Glamour Spell

This is a glamour spell which can help you improve your appearance according to your wishes. You should start this spell during the waxing moon, and repeat it every night for 13 days.

Mirror glamour spell
Painting by Madison Moore

To perform this glamour spell you will need:
3 pink candles
A mirror
Rose essential oil – a powerful oil representing beauty

Use the rose oil to dress the candles (rub it in on the sides – use gloves or a tissue to rub it in as essential oils may irritate your skin)

Light the three candles in front of you. Make sure that there are no other lights apart from the candles.  Sit facing the mirror, staring deeply into it. Start visualising a rose-coloured light enveloping you. In your mind’s eye, see this light bathing you in beauty and changing your features according to your desires.

Recite this incantation:

“Sacred flame, as you dance
Call upon my sacred glance.
Call upon my second sight,
Give me (fill in what you want here)
With your light.
Blessed flame, shining bright,
Give me now my second sight.
Power of three, let them see, let them see
It is done. So mote it be.”

Remember to repeat this spell every night for 13 days! It is important that you are consistent – if you miss one day, you will have to start over on the next waxing moon.

If you want to cast a glamour spell with ritually charged ingredients and step-by-step instructions, check out this glamour ritual spell kit. This kit works for all kind of glamours, whether you wish to form an aura of allure, mystery and attraction around you, or cast an aura of invisibility around you so that you are only noticed when you wish to be.

7 thoughts on “Mirror Glamour Spell”

  1. I was told that for wiccans its not right to do Love Spells, since with a love spell you will try to control someone else mind, and you cant make someone to love you against his/her will. So I found weird that you have love spells here.

    1. Amaris Silver Moon

      Hi Maricela,

      Wiccans believe in the law of threefold – whatever you do comes back to you threefold. Some of these love spells are not aimed at a specific person, they would be termed “white” love spells, i.e. they do not affect anyone’s will. Other love spells do, and I have included them here with a disclaimer. My purpose is just to spread the knowledge of these spells, I believe knowledge should be available to all and what people choose to do with this knowledge is up to them.


  2. i really hope this works, im always struggling with acne and would feel so much better if i could have flawless skin, i will report back on whether or not it works for me. thanks!

  3. there are many forms of love spells and just as ones use spells for dark reasons they are meant to open our selves to love after we are hurt to a point of a hardened heart. to use a love spell should be used to allow us to be opened up to allow us to except love if it is there in both hearts. just as she has stated you cant force something that is not there but to allow an open heart to except it if it is true, people much research more of what they first think so that they dont feel that our beliefs are wrong or evil. the Wicca rules are do what you will if it do no harm.

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