Simple Altar Dedication Ritual

altar dedication spell
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If you’ve just set up your altar, this is a beautiful and simple altar dedication ritual which you can use to cleanse your altar space and dedicate it to magickal workings.

You will need:

Before beginning, clean the altar area thoroughly and burn some incense to cleanse the area (if you have a besom, use this to sweep negative energies away).  If you are using the Sacred Temple oil, rub each candle with a few drops.

Place the two altar candles opposite each other on the altar – one to the right, and one to the left.

Altar Dedication

To begin dedicating your altar, first light the left altar candle, followed by the right candle.  Now light the white candle, and take it in your hand.  Walk clockwise around the perimeter of your sacred altar space with the candle, and chant:

By the Light, which cuts through darkness
By the Fire, which burns within
By my Will, which stirs the elements
Let nothing harmful in.

Once you have completed your circle around the altar, put the candle down on the altar in front of you, and say:

So mote it be.

Do whatever work you need to do while you are in this sacred circle of space.  This includes blessing and consecrating your tools and putting them in their appropriate places, performing a dedication to any deities you wish to celebrate at your altar, etc.

When you are done, take the candle in hand again, and walk anti-clockwise around your sacred space, chanting:

By my Will, which called the elements
By the Fire, which burned so bright
By the Light, which lit the darkness
I will leave you for tonight.

Set the white candle down on the altar again and extinguish it, then extinguish the right and left altar candles, and say:

So mote it be.

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