A Spell to Break a Spell

break a spell
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This is a counter-spell, or a spell that will break any spell that may have been cast on you.  It is best cast during a waning moon.  For this spell, you will need:

To prepare for the spell, put the candle inside the cauldron (rub it with the jinx removing oil first if you have some), and fill the cauldron with water so that the candle extends just above the water. Leave only the wick and a small part of the candle above water (about a centimetre, or half an inch is enough).

Wiccan Spell-Breaking Spell

Cast your circle, and call on your guides, God, Goddess, or any deities you want to call on in order to help you break the spell.  Now light the candle and stare into the flame.  Repeat the following:

As water meets fire, this spell is come undone,
As water meets fire, this spell is now broken.
As water meets fire, I am free,
Blessings to the Gods, so mote it be.

As you say these words, imagine the spell being broken, and see yourself free from its influence. Stare into the flame while keeping this visualisation, until the flame reaches the water and extinguishes.  As the flame goes out, know that the spell has been broken.

After you have finished the spell, dig a hole in the ground and bury the candle in it. Pour the water over the earth.

For an easy alternative to this spell, you can burn a 7-day Spell-breaker candle – just state your intentions as you light the candle. You can also use a Banishing Spell Kit, which comes with full ingredients and instructions to cast a banishing spell to remove any negative influences.

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