A Spell to Keep Your Lover Faithful

This spell is intended to keep your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend from cheating on you.  If you want to make sure that your lover doesn’t stray too far, try this Wiccan spell to keep your lover faithful.

keep lover faithful

The best time to do this spell is on a Friday, either at noon or midnight.

You will need:

Prepare your space by putting the two pink candles in front of you, about a foot apart, and place the bowl of water and the sea shell between them. Now ground and centre yourself, and cast your circle.

Once the circle is cast, light the candles and put the shell in the bowl of water. Clear your mind and focus on your relationship with your lover.  Visualise the two of you enveloped in a cocoon of rose-coloured light, and feel the love and trust flowing between the two of you.  See your lover looking at you as if you are the only person in the world that they would ever desire.  Imagine your relationship strengthened by the bonds of absolute trust and fidelity.

Now pick up the bowl and say:

“Oceana, Goddess of the seven seas,
Keep my lover  faithful to me,
Only me.
So mote it be.”

Place the bowl back, then take some of the water and dab it behind your ears and on your wrists. Sprinkle some of the water around the bed that you share.

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