Waxing Moon Spells and Rituals

waxing moon spells

The waxing moon stage lasts for around 14 days, when a new moon is growing towards a full moon.

When the moon is waxing, it’s a perfect time to set your intentions and manifest goals. Take time now to work on new projects and goals, or in completing projects that you have started. It’s also a time for love, desire, success, wealth and courage.

Crystals that are beneficial at this moon phase are: Malachite, Ruby and Aventurine.

Below are a few spells, rituals, oils and elixirs that you could use on a waxing moon too.

Waxing Moon Meditation

Find a comfortable position, make sure that you are warm and will not be disturbed. If you can meditate outside comfortably, go ahead.

Breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation of your breath moving in and out of your body, until you start to drift into your own world.

Now imagine it is early morning and your surroundings are drenched with the fresh pinkish hue of the morning sun. Small flowers sway in the breeze in the grassland nearby and the birds sing as you make your way down to a unique garden that is just for you. It’s secret, nobody else can access it.

As you enter your garden, you notice a packet of seeds, which you pick up. The seeds are unknown to you, but on the packet they are labelled with the word ‘dreams’. You take the seeds, hold them in your hands and infuse them with your dreams and plans, and then you plant the seed.

Every day you revisit your seed and each time that you approach you see that it has grown considerably since you were last here. The tender shoot has become a robust little seedling full of vibrant colour. Each day, you sit with your plant, embracing it’s energy, and infusing it with yours, and you feel the seeds of inspiration pouring into you as you sit with it. Each time you sense your new roots reaching down deep into the Earth, drawing up energy and nourishment and feel your new stems and leaves as they move gently in the breeze.

As the plant grows, you repeat this pattern and eventually feel your branches reaching out, drawing in the energy of the Sun so that you too, can feel strength and vitality coursing through you, just like your plant. As you are reaching out, you feel that same strength and vitality continue to pulse in your own veins and through your own body. You are like a magnet drawing good fortune, dreams, goals and abundance towards yourself.

Consider the actions you have taken and the decisions you have made since the New Moon and channel this strength and energy towards your goals, visualising them coming to fruition. Now consider any obstacles that are currently in your path, including your own doubts and fears. Visualise each of these obstacles slowly dissolving as the Sun and the Moon shine their light upon them, showing them to be illusions.

As the light shines upon you, see clearly where your priorities lie and what is no longer important.

When you are ready slowly open your eyes. Be present with your surroundings as you gradually return to your daily life.

If you desire, you can repeat this meditation each day during the waxing moon.

Waxing Moon Oil Recipe

Try this oil recipe to enhance the success of your goals and plans:

You can burn it, or add to a base oil such as sweet almond or grapeseed oil and use it in other ways too (seek advice from the supplier as to what oils are ok to be inhaled, used on skin, around pets etc.).

Candle Colours For Waxing Moon Spells:

Use these candle colours in your spells:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green

Waxing Moon Spell For Courage

Bring courage to your plans with this spell for courage.

You will need:


1: Burn the lavender oil in the oil burner.
2: When the fumes of the oil are filling the air, sprinkle the pepper onto the burner.
3: Light the white candle and kneel down, focusing on the flame while silently asking for the courage to face whatever challenges lie ahead.
4: Visualize yourself triumphant in any situation and then light the red candle.
5: Now stand to your full height in front of the altar and, with hands held high above your head, say aloud:

“Strength and courage shall I possess,
That my fears may become less
In winning through to the other side,
On the road to victory I will ride.
It is done”

Courage & Achievement Bath Elixir for a Waxing Moon

This waxing moon bath elixir is great for building strength and courage. It can be used when being confronted with difficult decisions or situations that require courage and strength. This bath is also useful when starting new projects and is aligns perfectly with the energy of the waxing moon.

You Will Need:


Bathe for approximately 40 minutes, whilst you are in the bath, visualise, and affirm your goals and plans for the next month coming into fruition. To enhance the potency of the elixir, do this every day during a waxing moon, or as frequently as possible.

“Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” Waxing Moon Ritual

You Will Need:


1: Cast a circle
2: Using your pin or knife, carefully carve a symbol of success onto the sides of your candle. (This can be the money sign, a rune of your choice (research online ahead of time), or any type of symbol you feel represents success).
3: Light your candle.
4: Focus on the flame of the candle.
5: Visualize yourself with success in beyond your ability to foresee for this month.
6: See yourself with your mind’s eye experiencing success beyond your wildest dreams.
7: Watch the flame dance and flicker for as long as you’d like.
8: Release your circle, but allow the candle to continue burning until it has burned itself out. (Remember to supervise the candle as it’s burning – for safety reasons!).
9: Once the candle is burned out and the wax has cooled, keep the wax in a bag or container of some kind in a safe place.

Waxing Moon Spell Kits

As an alternative to the above spells, you can use a spell kit which comes pre-packaged with ritually charged ingredients, and full instructions to cast the spell. Some suitable kits for the waxing moon are:

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