Wiccan Meditation Techniques

wiccan meditationMeditation doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, or even how disciplined you are – if you meditate, the profound benefits of the act will reach you regardless.

What may differ is the way in which we meditate, the tools, props and processes we follow, and the intentions behind our meditation.  These differences are what add the flavour to our meditations.   You can use any prop of choice or imagine whatever you want during your meditation – hopefully for the good of course.

Of course, meditation is a huge part of practicing Wicca and there are several classic wiccan meditations that you could undertake such as drawing down the moon and the pentagram meditation – which are detailed below.

Your Wiccan meditation doesn’t have to stop at a ‘drawing down the moon meditation’ or ‘pentagram meditation’ although they are a good place to start. It doesn’t even have to stop at just being a relaxing, stress-busting practice.  You can find hidden knowledge during meditation and you can build a profound relationship with nature, symbols, yourself, the moon and more.

wiccan meditation - flower

I like to meditate with individual plants, or crystals, and through meditation, I have learned a lot about the properties of plants and crystals and how to work with them using the 2nd basic principle detailed below.

An example of this was a time when I meditated upon a plant that looked a bit small, I got the sense that it wasn’t ok and needed to move (and I’m not a gardener) so we moved it, and in no time at all the plant doubled in size and appeared to be thriving.  Who would have thought that meditation can improve your gardening game too!

To my mind there are two basic principles of meditation.  I often read explanations on meditation that explain how to get into a meditative mindset, how to set the atmosphere and how to relax, which is the first basic principle but then there’s another principle that often seems to be missed or poorly explained and this is how you draw in energy, or hold an object in mind for focus and answers which are explained in more detail below, it is this that I believe takes the meditative experience to a whole new level and in turn, will undoubtedly expand your Wiccan practice.

To learn about some of the meditation techniques and styles mentioned above, please see below.

wiccan meditation

1. Basic Meditation Technique 1: Setting the Scene

  • Find a place where you can be undisturbed (for Wiccan practice, outside in nature is a wonderful setting).

  • Sit comfortably (ideally with your back straight and arms and legs unfolded)

  • Make sure you are warm.

  • Take a few deep breaths to shake off everyday life.  You can even try counting backwards slowly from 100 if you can’t relax.

  • Start to observe the thoughts you are experiencing, as if you are another person in the room.

  • Sit quietly, allowing your mind to slow down.

2. Basic Meditation Technique 2: Meditating Upon an Object or Concept.

  • Follow all steps in ‘Technique 1’.

  • Think about the object or concept or hold the object. If it’s a concept you are working with try using a symbol to represent it – (you can either make up a symbol for this, or choose an already-existing Wiccan or pagan symbol).

  • Imagine yourself dissolving into the object/symbol so that if you were dust or liquid you’d mix in with it completely.

  • Sit with that thought and enjoy the energy, thoughts or sensations and stay there until you feel ready to stop.

  • Come back to reality.  You can note down your experiences, but be aware that sometimes you don’t get insight until a while after the meditation, and at other times you might need to meditate several times before you understand the knowledge.

3. Drawing Down The Moon Meditation

  • Follow techniques 1 and 2.

  • Instead of finding an object or symbol you will use the moon.

  • Use the process in technique 2 to pull the moon to you (this is drawing down the moon), so that you can dissolve into it.

  • Try this at different times of the moon’s cycle to fully build your relationship with the Moon.

4. Pentagram Meditation

  • Use techniques 1 and 2

  • Use the pentagram either as an object or symbol, and meditate upon this using these techniques.

Remember, it can take some practice to learn to sit still, if you just try to practice sitting still for a few minutes a day and build it up, in no time at all you will be in a relaxed enough state to truly enjoy the benefits and wisdom of meditation.

Michelle Marshall is a multi-passionate writer, entrepreneur, life-coach and tarot reader. Her work focuses upon personal empowerment, and how to fulfil our soul’s needs, whilst living in a challenging and un-natural climate.  Readings, information and empowerment can be found at www.earthandwonder.com.

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