7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Psychic Vampires

psychic vampire protection

What are Psychic Vampires?

Forget about the cape wearing, blood suckers who you see in the movies, there is another type of vampire you should be more worried about. A Psychic Vampire is a person who drains you emotionally, rather than draining your blood.

This energy draining can be in two ways. They can either be a person who drains your aura by empathic means. Or they can be someone who drains you emotionally, someone who is selfish and is an emotional user.

The Four Types of Psychic Vampires

Here are a few types of vampires and how they act:

The “Poor me” feels everyone is against them and that they are always the victim. They want attention and the pity of others. They are the person who always has a drama in their lives, or the friend who always has something which has gone wrong. They are the first to tell you their life story and all the bad things that have happened to them, without asking about your own problems.

The “Deflector” blames everyone else for their problems. They don’t accept responsibility for anything negative in their life blaming family, friends, the government or whoever they can. They are the family member who blames you for their lack of success as you had more support, or the friend who says they can’t get a partner as everyone wants to date you instead. When they do this, they force their negative energy onto others by making everything someone else’s fault.

The “Show off” is a joker or a chatterbox who wants the whole world to revolve around them. They interrupt situations, they turn conversations back towards themselves and they are always the loudest person in a room. They are the friend who has to be the centre of attention at a party or has to show everyone photos of their new car whether they wanted to see them or not. They are attention seekers who want everyone’s energy to be focused on them.

The “Stirrer” thrives off creating and passing on gossip. They are the office gossip who is always talking about another colleague, the friend who is always private messaging people gossip on social media or the family member who tells others everyone’s secrets. They seek out others problems for their own amusement.

Seven Tips on How to Protect Yourself Against Psychic Vampires (No Garlic Required!)

1. Listen to Them
Accept the person may not be intentionally being a vampire. Those who exhibit behaviours such as constantly complaining about their own problems may not be aware they are doing it. Accept that you can listen to their woes without having to take on their negativity.

2. Distance Yourself
If someone is a consistent negative presence in your life, ask yourself if you want them to be part of your life. Put yourself first without feeling guilty about it. If you no longer want someone in your life, do not feel obliged to see them.

3. Meditate
Meditation can help you to be happy and to minimise anxiety, stress and fear. Meditation can also help to protect you from emotional manipulation and help to keep you emotionally strong.

4. Make Time for You
Make sure that you are not spending all your time and energy on the problems of others. You may have people in your life that take your energy, but who you love and want in your life. However, you still need to make time for yourself. You don’t always have to be a people pleaser. Make time for yourself. Have a long soak in the bath, sit in a café by yourself with a good book, get a haircut or a beauty treatment or go buy yourself a treat.

5. Uplift and give out Positivity
Some vampires seek pity and a listening ear. They may need your help to get back on the path to being more positive in their energy. Kind words and an understanding of what they are going through may be enough to help them.

6. Energise and Exercise
Being a high energy person can help to put off vampires. Exercise can also help you to feel more positive by releasing endorphins. Spending time exercising outside is even more beneficial as you will be getting vitamin D.

7. Protect Yourself
Sometimes you can’t avoid a vampire, even though you really want to. When you are at a family dinner or in a work place, you may be forced to spend time with people you really don’t. In that case you may wish to build an energy shield around you. Try A Protection spell against Psychic Vampires

Don’t Join the Dark Side- How to Not be an Energy Vampire

Be Positive
If you notice yourself being overly negative take a deep breath and concentrate on the positives in your life. Write a list of positives in different areas- home, work, friends, family etc and refer back to it when you have negative thoughts.

Look out for Signs
When you are communicating with others, they will give you clues to if you are behaving in a negative way. Look how people interact with you. If they have closed body language or look defensive, they glaze over when you are talking they are giving you psychical signs that you may be being difficult to be around. Also think about how people talk to you, if they are constantly having to remind you about positive things in your life, perhaps that is because you are being too negative.

Don’t Always get your Own Way
Are you the friend who always wants to eat at a certain restaurant? Or perhaps you only meet others at times which suit you? If you are prone to being controlling and make decisions for others, try and be fair and let others have a say as well.

Ask Questions
When feeling low it can be all too easy to be self-indulgent and to want to talk about your own problems. But remember as good as it is to have a listening ear, do not take advantage of it. Remember when spending time with friends and family to ask how they are and listen to their own problems as well.

… And remember, the thing which can help people the most to not be a vampire, and can help you stay most positive around them, is to smile.

Holly is a writer who specialises in writing about Paganism, folk tales and also writes fiction. Her magical interests include herbalism and tarot. When not writing Holly works in a museum. Holly loves walking, nature and watching horror films. Visit hollyknowles.co.uk for more.

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