A Spell to Attract Positivity

positivity spellPositivity is something we all want in out life. But there are a lot of reasons that we don’t always feel that positive. One of those reasons is that there are people around that have a negative impact on your life. Some of those people could be described as psychic vampires– people who suck your positivity rather than your blood.

In this spell, you will be aiming to attract positive people and positive thinking into your life. This spell is suitable for practitioners at any stage in your Wicca journey, including beginners. It also requires minimal equipment.

What You Need

The Positivity Spell

Create a calm space and atmosphere to perform this spell. When ready cast a circle and light your candle. Sit with your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing. Visualise positivity coming your way. Write a positive affirmation on the piece of paper such as “I want to attract a positive new friend into my life.” Take the piece of paper and wrap it around the magnet. Imagine the magnet drawing the positive energy towards you.

Chant the following:

Negativity I ward you away
Happiness come my way
With this magnet I use today
I will attract positivity that will stay

Take the piece of paper away from the magnet, light it with the candle then drop it into the flame proof dish.

Close your circle. Keep the magnet close to you for the next couple of days to help your positive affirmation come true.

Please be careful when practising spells that involve lighting paper on fire. Make sure you are doing so safely, and that when the spell is finished any flame is carefully extinguished.

As an alternative, you can use our Hope Spell Kit, which comes complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell to be able to see the silver linings in life, especially when going through difficult times.

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