Love Spell Box for Attracting a Soulmate

love spell boxFor this love spell box to attract your soulmate, you will need:

This love spell box is a fun way to start attracting your soulmate.

Decorate the love spell box any way you want, but make sure you put thought and effort into making it attractive.  Now start collecting objects that represent love and relationships to you.  Here are a few examples of things you can use:

  • Dried rose petals or flowers
  • Spices that represent love, such as cinnamon or chamomile
  • Quotes and love poems
  • Pictures of happy couples
  • Hearts made of various materials – paper, wood, metal, clay, etc

 Try to find at least nine objects to put in the love spell box.  It is important that all these objects really represent love to you, so take your time collecting them. You may even take a few weeks to find objects to add to your collection – this is fine.

Once you have collected these, place them, along with the love spell box, on your altar. Light the red and black candle.  Now pick each object up in your left hand, and envision strong feelings of love, infusing the objects with energy that will draw your soulmate to you. Once you have finished infusing each object with energy, place it into the love box.

Now keep the box in a magical spot (e.g. your altar). Once in a while, you may re-open the box and re-power the objects with your energy. Know that you will soon have a fulfilling, loving joyful relationship.

For another soulmate spell, check out this attract soulmate spell kit – complete with ritually charged ingredients and detailed instructions for you to cast a spell to bring deep and long-lasting love into your life.

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