The Magick of Feng Shui

feng shui and wiccaFeng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of placing objects in a way that will spiritually enrich your life. In translation, feng shui means wind and water. Its philosophy can be traced back thousands of years to when early settlers would decide on where to build their homes, as well as the layouts of whole cities. What is interesting about feng shui is how its ideas can be used to enhance the life of people outside of the realms of Chinese philosophy, including Pagans.

Chi, Yin and Yang

Chi is life force energy. Feng shui teaches us how to influence chi to have a positive affect in our homes and therefore our lives.

You are probably familiar with the Yin and Yang symbol, but do you know what it means? To get to a state of harmony in your home it is important to understand Yin and Yang energies. In Chinese philosophy it is how seemingly opposite forces can actually be complimentary. Yin can be seen as negative, dark and cool. Yang is positive, bright and warm. Each object in your home possess either Yin or Yang energy.

Yin Yang Jewelry

Yin Yang Jewelry
By the artist David Weitzman

Feng Shui and Wicca

How can an Eastern philosophical system influence Pagans? Feng shui and Paganism are both earth-centred and based on the elements. Paganism is seen by many not just as a religion, but as a philosophy or way of life. Feng shui is a way of keeping balance and good energy within our homes. By enhancing the flow of energy and balancing the elements, you can transform your home into a wonderful place to live. Your house is seen not just as a pile of bricks which holds your belongings, but as a living entity which can be used to attract what we want in life. When you work on a spell and call on certain elements, you have already worked them into your home.

Here are a few simple ways you can apply the ideas of feng shui in your home:

Clear the clutter

The best thing to do is to declutter. If it is not beautiful or useful, get rid of it. Clean, vacuum and mop. Look at what you can recycle or donate to charity. Getting rid of clutter will make you feel better mentally as well. You will feel lighter, energised and more positive. To remove stagnant energy light a scented candle or burn essential oils. You dont have to try and clean all of your home at once. Start by doing one room at a time, or start with the entrance to the house and work inwards.

magick feng shui - clear the clutter


A water feature, preferably situated in the North or Southeast of your home is essential for good chi. You can purchase an indoor water feature or get a fish tank.


Colour can be used in your home to encourage good energy. Fire colours such as red, orange and yellow are best in active areas of your home such an office or home gym. Bedrooms and living rooms suit more calming colours such as blues. Black is a very heavy colour, so always counteract it with something that gives a sense of light. Remember that although certain colours suit different parts of the house, you have to like it as well. Don’t choose a colour just because of what it means, it will only create bad energy if you do.

Focusing on rooms

There are many ways of using feng shui in different areas of your house. Here are a few tips on key areas:

Entrance hallway

Make sure your front door is smart and inviting. This is where Chi enters and you want to encourage good Chi into your home. If you have open plan living and your front door opens into your living room, put up a screen or some other divider to create a separate entrance area. Make sure the entrance is well lit. Find a way of storing coats and shoes so that the hallway is free of obstruction.

Living room

This is a room for you to relax in, so fill it with objects you love such as vases, photographs and ornaments. Just make sure you choose wisely to avoid clutter. If you have a fireplace make sure it is guarded, as uncovered fireplaces create bad chi. Dont have furniture right up against a wall as you need to let the chi flow around it.


Your aim for the bedroom should be to create a calm, serene atmosphere. Paint it a calm, relaxing colour. Find room for your clothes to avoid having a pile on the floor or on a chair. Your bed is the focal point of the room. Ideally you want a bed head so as not to have your head up against the wall. If you are buying a new bed, choose a wooden one as it is grounding.

There are many other ways in which you can use feng shui to enrich your life. For example applying feng shui to other rooms in your house and your office space. Sorting out your finances can also be a way of making your life better and clearing your mind. To learn more about feng shui there are many books available. Whether you want to read one which goes into the Eastern philosophy of feng shui, or read a book written with Pagans in mind, is up to you. As a practitioner you can take what you want from feng shui to enrich your own spiritual journey.

Blessed Be.

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