Wiccan Zodiac Signs

There are various ways that we can approach our practice of Wicca, one of these being through the lens of our zodiac personalities. The Sun is the most powerful placement in your astrological chart, and will impact you in various ways – from your natural-born talents, to how you perceive the world and how you channel energy or practice witchcraft. When we harness the strengths that we are gifted with at birth and channel them into our spiritual practice, we can be more effective and directed in our magickal practice. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Wiccan zodiac signs

Aries: The Lone Ram

Aries - Wiccan zodiac

Aries is a Fire sign, and it is ruled by Mars. They are youthful and independent types, and can accomplish a lot on their own, when they are patient and motivated enough. They prefer to take things into their own hands more often than asking for help. Their energy is pure and bright like a flame, but like all flames they eventually burn out and need to be rekindled. Working with a coven can give Aries an outside perspective from their own and can help keep them motivated.

Ritual for Aries: Connect more with the Fire element. Practice candlemaking for each sabbat and eventually, after you understand the basics of candle making, start getting creative with candle colors and blending in aromatic oils!

Taurus: The Forest Dweller

Wiccan zodiac - Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign, and it is ruled by Venus. They are deeply rooted in the physical realm and are strongly driven by their desires. They instinctively know about the curative powers of nature and can act as a bridge to helping their fellow humans understand nature better.

Ritual for Taurus: Meditate underneath your favorite trees and regularly ground your energy with theirs. Commune with them, and ask them what their healing energies are for you and ask them to show you how to work with them.

Gemini: The Visionary

Wiccan zodiac gemini

Gemini is an Air sign, ruled by Mercury. Geminis perceive the world in a mental and visual way, and their perception is the most advanced of all signs. They are “I have to see it to believe it” types, and when they can stay focused long enough, they can visualize possibilities and outcomes quite accurately in order to manifest what they want in life.

Ritual for Gemini: Practice visualization and manifestation techniques A LOT. Visualize the electrical energies of the earth flowing through your body and helping you to visualize what you desire in your life or for the planet.

Cancer: The Moonchild

Wiccan zodiac cancer

Cancer is a Water sign, and it is ruled by the Moon. They are sensitive, emotionally caring, and are incredibly motherly. They are highly connected to the rhythms of the moon, and can be powerful healers and conductors of feminine energy.

Ritual for Cancer: Start a moon journal and jot down how your emotions flow with the cycles of the moon. Experiment with performing spells under different moon phases as well and make notes about the results you get with each magickal spell you cast during each phase.

Leo: The Performer

Wiccan zodiac Leo

Leo is a Fire sign, and is ruled by the Sun. They perceive the world through their image, body movements, and their gut instincts. They tend to think that life is one big stage for them to perform and shine their light on in whatever way they want. They tend to be on the constant search for things and people in life that bring them excitement and allow for their passionate side to be expressed.

Ritual for Leo: Make yourself a mask to wear that reflects how you would like the world to see you, and then create a self-empowering performance (even if only performed in private or at your altar) for those times when you need to feel extra powerful like the lion/lioness that you are!

Virgo: The Herbalist

Wiccan zodiac virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign, and is ruled by Mercury. They are practical, down to earth people, preferring the simpler things in life. They are highly connected to nature, and they have a natural gift for working with plants. They tend to notice the subtlest of changes around them, and because of this sensitivity, they make natural-born healers and herbalists.

Ritual for Virgo: Make a container garden for your home and plant with medicinal herbs. Mediate with the herbs regularly and study their healing properties. When it’s time to harvest them, air dry your herbs in a corner of your home and use them later for your healing and magickal needs.

Zodiac Jewelry

Zodiac Jewelry
By the artist David Weitzman

Libra: The Artist

Wiccan zodiac libra

Libra is an Air sign, and is ruled by Venus. They are a perfect blend of inner emotion and outer expression. They tend to be very insightful people, who genuinely seek fairness and well-being for all. They are highly connected to their artistic sense and enjoy finding ways to apply their creatively to whatever they set their minds to.

Ritual for Libra: Dedicate some time during each full moon to express the deeper side of your imagination by making art. When the full moon rises, get into your creative zone with mama luna as your muse!

Scorpio: The Intuitive

wiccan zodiac scorpio

Scorpio is a Water sign, and is ruled by Pluto. They are highly psychic, intuitive, and sexual people. Their intuition is intense, and tends to guide most of their actions, and because of this they have a natural gift for reading situations and people accurately.

Ritual for Scorpio: Perform divination for yourself everyday for 30 days. At the end of each day, see how accurately your readings are from what your intuition tells you. Practice divination until you feel that you no longer need it or only very rarely need it for more complex situations.

Sagittarius: The Eclectic

Wiccan zodiac Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and is ruled by Jupiter. They are the eternal students of life, are highly philosophical and like to travel because they enjoy learning from other traditions and cultures.

Ritual for Sagittarius: Every 3 months, learn about a new spiritual tradition or philosophy and incorporate some of your favorite aspects of it into your personal spiritual practice.

Capricorn: The Mountain Climber

Wiccan zodiac capricorn

Capricorn is an Earth sign, and is ruled by Saturn. They are mountain climbers of the peaks of life. They are career-oriented, and enjoy challenges. They are not scared to put in the hard work to achieve what they want, and will do what it takes to get to the top of the mountains of their goals.

Ritual for Capricorn: Channel some of your mountain climbing instincts regularly to find your places of power in the landscape where you live. Once you’ve found your places of power, go there often and meditate there to connect with the nature spirits or the ancestors of that place and ask them what they can teach you.

Aquarius: The Humanitarian

Wiccan zodiac aquarius

Aquarius is an Air sign, and is ruled by Uranus. They perceive the world through their minds, but their ideals are what drive them. They are natural-born humanitarians and want to see the betterment of humanity and help to bring it about.

Ritual for Aquarius: Meditate regularly on the evolution of humanity. Envision a white healing light circling the earth and healing the earth from the harm done by man. Envision this light healing human’s from despair, war-like tendencies and their lower instincts. Envision the human collective evolving and moving forward so that it’s divine purpose can be accomplished. Do this often, and get out into the world to make an impact in a positive way.

Pisces: The Empath

Wiccan zodiac pisces

Pisces is a Water sign, and is ruled by Neptune. They are empathetic people and can feel the energies from their environment, easily taking on their characteristics and adapting their personality along to fit the needs of a situation. They are born with natural healing abilities, and want to help heal people who are in pain or suffering. They also tend to be natural-born artists and musicians because of their boundless understanding of energy.

Ritual for Pisces: Frequently practice Shielding and protection magick. Protect your energy from negative unwanted energy and people often. Find a comfortable place to sit and relax. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale 10 times, or until you feel relaxed. Envision a shield of protective light circling your aura at all times and protecting you from unwanted energies. Repeat often, until you feel more confident in your ability to not absorb so much energy from other people or environments.

Breigh Frye is a Writer, Folk Herbalist, and Wiccan High Priestess. She has performed wheel of the year ceremonies and led women’s circles for over 10 years and has a very down to earth and practical approach to practicing Wicca. She works very closely with the earth element and the hedgerow plants and she formulates many rituals and spells with what’s growing at her feet at any given time of year. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as “The Earth Priestess” or at her website: www.BreighFrye.com.

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