A Simple Wishing Spell with Incense

simple incense wishing spellThis is a quick and simple spell which can be performed to attract your heart’s true desire.  It should be done during a waxing or full moon.

For this wishing spell, you will need:

stick of incense

Put yourself in a meditative state and light the incense.  Now, focus on your heart area and feel it coming alive with feelings of joy and love.  At the same time, start imagining your desire coming true.  Put as much detail into this visualisation as you can – feel as if it had already happened, and bathe in that feeling of fulfillment, while streaming heart energy towards your desire.

Once you have gotten into a state where you can truly feel your desire as if it is coming true, chant the following incantation ten times:

Magic herbs burn in fire,
Bring to me my heart’s desire.

For another spell to get your heart’s desire, see our Get What You Want spell kit. It’s a little more complex than the one above, but it comes with ingredients and step-by-step instructions, making it quite easy to perform!

witchy pentacle line

6 thoughts on “A Simple Wishing Spell with Incense”

    1. Amaris Silver Moon

      Hi Merlyn – As for your first question, it will work for anything you desire, but generally I find it works best with things that you believe can be acheived. For things that you have a lot of resistant thoughts about, you may need a stronger spell. And yes, it is always a wise idea to cleanse your space before and after a spell.

    1. Amaris Silver Moon

      Why not try one and find out? 🙂 No one can tell you what will work for you, except for yourself.

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