Wiccan Cleansing Ritual

Every day our energy fields are being interfered with by people, events, and even our own thoughts. Negative energy can attach to us and block our flow, which can bring us down, cause irritation and drain our vitality. It’s important to keep ourselves in check to make sure we are not being too affected by this. Eating well, exercising, spending time in nature and meditating are all good ways to restore our energy flow and stay balanced, but sometimes we need a little extra help.

This cleansing ritual can be performed at any time when you’re feeling low, tired or otherwise affected by negativity.

(If you find yourself in a hurry, you can go directly to Steps 2 and 3.)

What you need:

Air: Sage incense
Fire: A silver candle
Earth: Sea salt
Water: Chalice filled with water

Draw your circle, then light the incense and the candle.

Meditate for a few minutes while the sage fills the room. Each time you breathe out, relax a little more. The more relaxed you are, the better your energies flow, and the easier it is to release any unwanted negativity.

When you feel calm and ready you may begin.

Step 1: Element cleanse

Hold your hands over the incense and say, “with air I cleanse myself.” Let the smoke twirl around your fingers for a few moments. Feel the cleansing properties of sage immerse you.

Then hold your hands above the candle (at a safe distance) and say, “with fire I cleanse myself.” Visualise the flame burning away anything unwanted within you.

Now take the sea salt and crumble it between your fingers, gently rubbing it on your hands, and say, “with earth I cleanse myself.”

Then dip your hands in the water, again gently rubbing your hands, and say “with water I cleanse myself.”

Sit in silence for a moment while you let the elements do their work.

Step 2: Releasing negativity

The most effective way of releasing negative entities and energies (unless they are unusually powerful) is to firmly ask them to leave.

Go inside yourself, become completely aware of your body, and say the following:

“Any energy that no longer serves me, please leave now.
Thank you for your presence. Now I am sending you home.”

Say it with conviction, like a firm but loving parent. Keep repeating it, and pay attention to any feelings in your body. As you say these words, negativity will shed from you like the skin off a snake. If you’re sensitive you may be able to feel a pulling sensation or a feeling of suddenly becoming lighter.

Repeat until you feel intuitively done (this can be 10 times or 50 times, anything that feels right for you.)

Step 3: Filling with light

This step is vital: after releasing the negative energies you will have holes in your aura which must be filled with light. Otherwise other negative energy will easily latch on to you and you’ll have to start the process again.

Visualise your crown (the top of your head) opening up, like a funnel going from the heavens into your body. Visualise pulling down divine light that will fill every gap in your aura as you repeat the words:

“I ask that my energy body is filled with pure healing light.”

Repeat a few times, then thank the spirits and elements, and close your circle.

During the rest of the day/evening, whenever it comes to mind, visualise your open crown and the light flowing into you.

As an alternative to this spell, you can use a Releasing Spell Kit, or a Purification Bath Kit, both which come complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast spells to release baggage and burdens from your life that you no longer wish to carry. Another easy way to cleanse yourself is to use a ritually charged Clearing Candle – simply light it and visualise yourself being purified!

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